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At the HOW Design Live conference, 3,000 creative professionals from all over the world came together for learning, networking, and inspiration.

We heard from design legends like Bob Gill and Stefan Sagmeister, as well as innovative new artists like Dana Tanamachi-Williams. Knowledge was shared from marketing gurus, branding experts, industry leaders, and panels of peers. Here’s a snapshot of some of the inspiration I walked away with…

"It is what you learn after you already know it all that really counts." – Dana Tanamachi-Williams

“Have an experience. Go to the source. Start from the problem. (If the job is for a dry cleaner, go to a dry cleaner!)" – Bob Gill

“Identify one personal creative project you’ve been saying you want to do and schedule it. Make it just as important as client work.” – Stefan Sagmeister

“If you’re not passionate, you’re drawing on your reserves. If you’re passionate, you always have a bank account.” – Alina Williams

“You’re in the business of transformation.” – Jason Blumer

“If there’s value in it for them, there has to be value in it for you too.” – Doug Dolan

“A picture is worth 1,000 words, but in the hands of the right designer, a word is worth 1,000 pictures.” – Douglas Davis

“Focus on taking deliberate action on what matters.” – Corwin Hiebert

“Self confidence is rooted in competence and practice.” – Ilise Benun

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