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Who we are

Fuston Creative is focused on producing creative solutions that reinforce your brand and marketing strategies. Whether you’re an established small business owner or an in-house marketer at a Fortune 500 company, we’ll use our branding and design expertise to help you connect with your customers through meaningful brand experiences, in turn helping your business grow.


Christy Fuston

Founder + Creative Director

Christy serves as the primary client contact at Fuston Creative. She has over 20 years of experience in branding, creative direction, and graphic design. She spent the first 12 years of her career working in various in-house creative departments. Then in 2006, she launched Fuston Creative. Christy has established herself as a design professional and a strategic thinker. She brings her strong creative, project management, and organizational skills to her clients at Fuston Creative. She has a strong work ethic which is balanced by a healthy lifestyle.

Outside of the studio, Christy can be found trail running with their big red dog, cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway, or perfecting her guacamole recipe.

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Arch Fuston


Arch brings 18 years of in-house corporate design experience in illustration, graphic design, and creative management to Fuston Creative. A strong conceptual and "big idea" thinker, Arch contributes to client strategy, campaign ideation, and occasional creative execution for Fuston Creative.

Outside of his collaborations with Fuston Creative, Arch is the Director of Employee Engagement at The Active Network.

In his free time, he can usually be found outside doing something active. Whether it's triathlon training, mountain biking, or attempting to paddleboard and surf, Arch makes fitness and health a priority.

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Kai Fuston

CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Kai is our adopted Rhodesian Ridgeback and Chief Fun Officer. When he's not lounging in the studio critiquing creative work over our shoulders, he can be found romping on the beach with his four-legged, furry friends or bounding along the canyon trails. Kai's strength is reminding us that occasionally stepping away from the work can actually result in big idea generation!

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Why Fuston Creative? Our name says it all…

Phew! – The sigh of relief you will breathe when you've discovered you've found a go-to partner that offers both business know-how and creative expertise. Throw in smooth project management and open communication along the way and everyone's breathing a sigh.

Stun – The awe you will experience when your newly organized brand starts getting noticed.